Lift Assist Systems aid in the reduction of work-related injuries by:

  • Reducing the trauma and strain associated with repetitive physical movements that can cause injury to joints and tendons.
  • Eliminating the risk of burns, cuts, or other injuries associated with product handling by extending the load away from the operator’s body.
  • Reducing the risk of a load being dropped on the operator’s legs or feet by subduing the load.
  • Eliminating the bending and twisting associated with repetitive lifting of both light and heavy loads.

Lift Assist Systems increase employee versatility and productivity by:

  • Providing consistent cycle times, reducing operator fatigue and allowing workers to perform their tasks at a constant pace throughout the day.
  • Allowing tasks to be performed without regard to the gender, size or strength of the operator.
  • Providing an efficient means of perform previously unsafe or hard to reach lifting requirements.
  • Often allowing for a reduction in the number of employees required to perform a task.