Injury Statistics

2004 Statistics from Bureau of Labor:

(Latest Full report, 2015 has some newer stats, though we don’t have all the data as complete as this. See below for official BLS Download.)
Click here for the Official BLS Document of 2015

  • Total non-fatal workplace injuries:
    • 4,257,000
  • Of those injuries, 29.5% were lost time injuries, totaling:
    • 1,259,000
  • Total lost time injuries due to back injury, falls, muscle and joint strain, sprain, tears:
    • 1,063,000

84.4% of all lost time workplace injuries in 2004 were caused by trauma to the body while performing required work duties. Injuries involve both direct costs and indirect costs.

Direct costs consist of:

  • Medical expenses such as ambulance, hospital, doctor’s fees, medication, and rehabilitation
  • Compensation payments
  • Workers compensation premium increases Litigation costs

Indirect costs include:

  • Disrupted work schedules
  • Lost productivity
  • Hiring & training replacement workers Bad publicity
  • Time spent on accident investigation Claims management

Important to note:

While the number of injuries in most occupational categories decreased between 2003 and 2005, injuries in the material handling and transportation industries increased by 3%.

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